Sea water treatment - BWT Best Water Technology 
Drinking water abstraction
through efficient seawater desalination.

Sea water treatment

For several decades, increasing global travel to ever more exclusive regions of the world has made the supply of potable water to the international hotel sector an ever greater challenge in regions with limited or non-existent ground or surface water.

For many years BWT has been using the technologies listed below to produce the highest quality drinking water from efficient sea water desalination, thereby creating a solid foundation for the development of tourist facilities:


Reverse osmosis

UV filtration systems

BWT was the first company to produce reverse osmosis systems with integrated energy recovery and over 95% efficiency. Reverse osmosis reduces the energy requirement to around 3-4 kWh/m³ compared with an average of 6-7 kWh/m³ for conventional systems.


Hoteliers benefit as follows:

  • Production of the highest quality drinking water
  • Sustainable use of water resources

  • Less reliance on plastic bottles. The resulting reduction in CO2 contributes to environmental protection