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Plastics technology

Plastic component manufacture
Whether from BWT’s product ranges or customised, client-specific solutions, BWT supplies precision-machined plastic and turns it into components and complete assemblies.


All components are carefully designed and manufactured with the help of our modern 5-Achs CNC engineering centre, where a flexible variety of materials and formats can be loaded and processed. The relevant components and assemblies are then welded or glued in our assembly plant.


Plastic containers

Expansion tanks, reservoirs or intermediate tanks. We design containers and tanks individually for each pool, which are made from high-grade, durable plastic and reinforced with steel bands that provide excellent static. The tanks, equipped with appropriate connections and inspection holes, can be constructed directly on site and adapted to whatever space conditions obtain.
A range of ready-to-use containers, with a water capacity of up to 4m³, is available specifically for use in smaller pool facilities. These also come with steel bands and have appropriate openings and connections as well as a wide range of accessories.


Fixtures & fittings

BWT delivers and installs fixtures and fittings for entire pool complexes. The correct pool hydraulics start with the selection of the right mounting hardware. BWT fixtures are designed with care to guarantee optimal flow, simple handling and easy installation.


The product line ranges from inflows via channels, to extractors and implementations for walls and floor areas. Various material types are used in production that can be individually selected, and also modified for the target application and for each version and type of pool.