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Measurement, controls and metering

The measurement, control (MSR) and metering technology product range is a selection of high-quality products that comply with all the relevant standards and legal requirements. Our products are guaranteed trouble-free and operator-friendly. The pool water’s auxiliary parameters are reliably maintained at the preset values and the efficient use of chemicals is ensured. These devices are characterised by the use of high-quality materials and workmanship, efficient, low-maintenance operation and innovative control technology.

Many public pools throughout Europe have installed our products, whether as individual units or as complete systems. As a specialist, with decades of experience in the field of MSR and dosing technology, we can guarantee the highest level of engineering and precision measuring equipment for all sizes of system.


BWT Medo G metering systems



The high-performance BWT Medo G metering systems are the ideal solution for any dosing of liquid pool care products. The digital step motor and infinitely variable meter settings guarantee uniform and accurate dosage, even for gassing media. The integrated energy storage achieves an energy reduction of up to 20% compared to similar dosing rates. The device is clear and easy to operate via the clear display, and status messages appear on integrated LEDs.

Characteristics and features:

  • Precision control

  • Infinitely variable meter setting

  • Integrated energy storage

  • LED status display

  • Comprehensive control facility 

  • Easy to use


BWT Bermuda MSR 



This is where perfection meets user-friendliness. The BWT Bermuda MSR devices measure and monitor the pool water’s auxiliary parameters and perform the additional process-control tasks for treating the water. In addition to displaying the metered values, the devices have integrated regulators that can be used for control dosing and correction equipment (metering pump or control valve). In addition, alarm contacts are incorporated for the measurement values and the device’s self-monitoring function.


Characteristics and features:

  • Design conforms to ÖNORM M 5872

  • Compact modular construction

  • Integrated multi-sensor

  • Hydrodynamic electrode cleaning 

  • Easy-to-use high-precision measurement unit 

  • Easy menu navigation

  • Extensive peripherals / interfaces 

  • Ready for BWT MSR data bus