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Filtration technology

For decades, BWT has been successfully building pool filtration systems in large, prestigious spa centres throughout Austria. BWT’s filtration systems comply with all standards and regulations.

We ensure lasting reliability and a consistently dependable water quality by designing all system components to interact perfectly with each other.

During the removal of contaminants the treatment method will vary, depending on whether the impurities occur coarsely suspended, finely suspended or in dissolved form. The coarser particles are removed during pool water treatment solely by filtration. The filter material used in the pool water treatment technology is either quartz sand (layer filter) or quartz sand combined with other filtration material (multi-layer filter).

In this context, not only does the filter operate like a sieve, but filterable substances can be removed through an interaction between chemical and physical mechanisms. 


BWT SF-blue suction filter


An efficient alternative to filtration pressure filters is those with a vacuum or suction filter. BWT, recognising the potential of this filtering method in terms of economical operation, has created the SF BLUE filter range. SF-blue vacuum filters have an open filter chamber and a compact, rectangular design. They are finished in sturdy, highly durable plastic panels, which, subject to static requirements, are reinforced with steel bands.

Characteristics and features:

  • Conformance with ÖNORM M 6216 & DIN 19605
  • Energy-saving (lower pressure drop and pump output)

  • Conserves resources (optimised backwash)

  • Multi-chamber design possible

  • Possible to construct at installation location

  • Small footprint / optimum use of space

  • Individually designed


BWT pressure filter

With this proven filter technology, impurities and flocculated substances are reliably filtered out of the pool water. The water is passed through the relevant terminals in the inner part of the filter. The innovative design of the interior piping ensures that the filter bed is evenly supplied and enables optimum through flow. BWT pressure filter’s excellent filtering contributes significantly to perfect water quality. Depending on the type of application, the filtration layers can be implemented with single- or multi-layer filters, as well as with activated carbon. 


Characteristics and features: 

  • Conforms to ÖNORM M 6216 

  •  Optional filter hydraulics 

  •  Best filtration results

  • Clean backwashing results 

  • Variable filter filling

  • Wide selection of products

  • Tried and tested processing technology


Filter accessories and replacement parts


There is a wide range of accessories for all filter types, from ventilation and extraction devices to prefabricated front piping with fully automatic flap controls that can be fitted to the filters or supplied as a complete system for all filters.

Filter media: 

The best filtration results are achieved by the ideal combination of filtration technology and the correct filter medium.

Our product range offers the best available material for any filter bed, including special quartz gravel, hydro-anthracite or marble gravel.