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Disinfection technology

The next stage after filtration is the disinfection of the pool water, which involves adding pool care products and/or pumping the water through a disinfection system.

Pool water disinfectant must be supplied constantly, both to kill bacteria and, owing to the continuous contamination of the pool water by bathers, must be algicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal.

It must have a high oxidisation potential to kill off large numbers of pathogens during short periods of exposure. It should have no harmful side-effects on bathers, be kind to the skin and must not affect the smell and taste of the water. It must also have a significant residual effect. Of all the disinfecting and oxidising agents used, chlorine (chlorine gas) and some chlorine compounds are those that best satisfy these requirements.

In addition, chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant today for reasons of ease of use and cost, and will continue to be in the future.


BWT Triple D 



The BWT Triple D has been specially developed to meet the chlorine demand for medium to large swimming pools, with special emphasis on simple, functional use and a low-maintenance mode of operation.

And this is how it works: leave containers on the unit, connect the hose and the device is ready for use.

The specially designed air suction system pumps preheated air into the circuit and sucks the granules separately from the container into the integrated mixing chamber, where they are processed into a chlorine solution. Dust- and clump-free operation is enabled by the closed air flow the preheated feed air. The sloping container platform measures the granular level (Change Interval Planning or CIP) and the mounted vibration mechanism empties the container, leaving no residue behind.

Characteristics and features:

  • Fully automated workflow

  • Automatic self-cleaning (CIP) of the batch container

  • Easy operation via touch panel

  • No hard precipitations or clumping

  • Dust-free

  • Can be retrofitted in almost any system

  • Low maintenance

  • Interval scheduling for filter replacement


BWT Bewades MD

The future has arrived. The BWT Bewades MD UV systems have been innovatively designed and are flexible to use. The lamps emit a broadband light in the UV-C range which, when used in swimming pools for the treatment of pool water, results in a disinfectant effect and a significant reduction in bonded chlorine (chloramine) and chlorinated organic compounds. An increased content of bonded chlorine leads to reddening of the skin and eyes and in some cases to breathing difficulties. It also creates that typical indoor pool odour. 



The systems consist of high-quality irradiation chambers equipped with integrated baffles, which maximise the standing time of the piped water to guarantee a uniform flow. The compact structure of the system means it can be easily integrated with the pool technology.

Characteristics and features:

  • Control cabinet for all electrical components

  • Menu-driven settings configuration

  • Automatic monitoring spotlight

  • Automatic cleaning apparatus for the protective quartz tubes