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Pool water technology

Maximum levels of safety and hygiene – a basic requirement for relaxed swimming enjoyment and a key competitive advantage internationally
Clean, hygienic swimming pool water, which eliminates the risk of infection for every bather, is a legal obligation. BWT pool water treatment naturally complies with relevant standards, pool hygiene law, bathroom regulations and many other statutes. Our innovative technologies guarantee the most reliable water treatment for your pool system.


BWT Visio Motion

Our central switching unit can also contribute to the reliability of your individual water treatment. It enables the entire swimming pool system to be operated simply and transparently. A modern touchscreen interface displays the status of the most important areas of operation, allowing the entire pool area to be monitored. All information is therefore easily accessible for lighting and features, the pool cover and water temperature, operating times and water quality. 



Following the expansion of BWT’s teleservice, an electronic message is automatically relayed to the relevant manager, notifying them as soon as any servicing is required.

BWT can also provide a remote maintenance service to save even more time. The control system automatically sends an electronic message about the required servicing to BWT headquarters. Specialists can then access the system on site right away and carry out the necessary work.