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Floatation pools

Revitalisation and weightlessness: the spa facility for those who want to be pampered.


Elixir of life and source of healing

We all know that wonderful feeling of getting into a hot bath. No wonder, then, that water in the ‘wellness’ movement plays such a vital role. Circulation is boosted, the immune system strengthened, blood flow improved and muscles and joints relaxed. This is true particularly of floatation baths. You feel particularly good in the salt water, it’s as if the salt is giving new strength to each cell. Breathing also becomes easier.


Gentle and natural

A floatation bath, with a natural salt content of 2-3% has a relaxing, healing effect. By way of comparison, the salt content of the Mediterranean is around 3%. Salt water helps to desensitise allergies and improves blood circulation to the skin. Psoriasis and eczema, joint and back problems, but also stress symptoms like headaches and insomnia, are noticeably reduced. It’s as relaxing as a seaside break.


Salt grotto

A special focal point for any house, because who would not want to experience the feeling of weightlessness at least once in their life! Your guests float practically motionless in the salt water, listening to soft music. At the same time, the salt works its incomparably beneficial magic on the physical balance of your body and the pH of your skin. Many doctors recommend saline baths for the general strengthening of the immune system and detoxifying the body. The proven BWT Soledosier product, with its microprocessor-controlled measuring and control system, provides a consistent and constant salt concentration level to ensure perfect water quality at all times.