Fitted whirlpools - BWT Best Water Technology 

Fitted whirlpools

Pleasantly warm and seductively relaxing: for perfect fulfilment in the spa sector.


Space-saving and stylish

Nowadays, no hotel spa would be without a whirlpool. Guests now expect the luxury of an invigorating massage in 38° C of hot water after a strenuous day of winter’s skiing, an exhausting summer hike or quite simply to help them unwind from the stress of everyday life during a short break. With their compact dimensions, full-effect lighting and seductive bubbly water, BWT’s fitted whirlpools are the jewel in the crown of any spa facility.


Healthy and relaxing

Put the healing power of water to good use for yourself and your guests. Hydro massage invigorates the senses and relaxes the body. The powerful jets of hot water stimulate the blood flow, so that oxygen and vital nutrients reach the muscles more easily. In this way a whirlpool not only provides relaxation, but also relief for back pain and hypertension.


Modern equipment and sensual lighting

You can also have your fitted whirlpool in a choice of different materials (GFK, plastic, concrete or stainless steel). And, according to your needs, a range of spa accessories can be individually combined:


Air-water massage jets, air loungers or floor jets for foot massage. Create your own oasis of relaxation and massage to suit your personal needs. Sophisticated lighting solutions set off your spa to great effect.