Concrete pool - BWT Best Water Technology 

Concrete pools

Classic and traditional. The material for creative and aesthetic sophisticates.


Individual designs

With concrete you can create almost any shape of pool.

In the hospitality industry in particular it offers a distinct advantage, as the potential for variety opens up countless opportunities to stand out from the competition. The shape, size and depth of the pool, together with arrangements of the steps, deck surfaces, benches and other features, can be individually tailored to customers’ needs.


  •  A pool where you can indulge your personal preferences and desires.


Elegant tile finishing

Concrete pools offer almost unlimited design possibilities using tiles or other flat materials. Different shapes and sizes of tiles and slabs, and different colours, colour combinations and patterns make it possible to create a pool complex for your hotel whose coordinated design satisfies both the expectations of your guests and the owner’s personal taste – timelessly elegant, cool and modern, traditional or distinctively different.


  • A pool where your imagination knows no bounds.


Flair and prestige

A tiled concrete swimming pool is still the favoured pool design when meeting special needs. Most upmarket bathroom specialists opt for a tiled swimming pool and create prestigious spa facilities for discerning people. Classy, stylish, classic, unique – you can create something out of the ordinary for your guests.


  • A prestige pool that is a perfect match for the demanding requirements of high-

    profile clients.