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Jet streams

For the boundless joy of swimming and a perfect opportunity to swim against the current.


BWT jet streams

Even in a large pool average swimmers can reach the end of the pool in just a few strokes and will understand, after the first few lengths, why jet streams are not just a passing fad that you can easily dispense with. Instead, they are a valuable training tool that enhances the joy of swimming. Conventional jet systems consist of a nozzle that forces the water out at high speed. This jet enables you to keep swimming in an ‘endless pool’ as it were, regardless of pool size, without needing to turn.


BWT River Motion Jetsystem

An innovation among counter-current systems is BWT’s patented River Motion Jetsystem, which is different from conventional jet systems. A special inflow system with several large nozzles moves large volumes of water, while slowing the water flow speed. This creates a uniform flow ‘zone’ in which up to four people at a time can work out and swim without ever having to make a turn.