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You can’t go wrong
with BWT covers
You can’t go wrong
with BWT covers
You can’t go wrong
with BWT covers

Roller-shutter covers

The very best protection and safety and a worthwhile investment for any pool.


Reduce energy consumption and costs

A pool cover can significantly cut the costs of indoor and outdoor pools. If the surface is covered, heat loss is reduced to a minimum. In indoor swimming pools evaporation is greatly minimised and up to 80% energy cost savings are achievable through reduced dehumidification and air-conditioning. Outdoor pools can make optimum use of the sun’s rays, which heat the water faster and therefore enable the swimming season to be extended.


Protection and safety
A cover protects the pool from dirt and other debris, such as leaves, and thus significantly reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning required. At the same time, a cover offers protection for your children, a valuable safety factor that is not to be underestimated.

Easy to operate
BWT pool covers are electrically operated roller-shutter systems and use a specially designed three-chamber profile to offer maximum convenience, energy efficiency and the highest level of safety, For outdoor pools heat loss is reduced to a minimum.

The covers are opened and closed via a key switch or remote control. Our many years of experience enable us to construct a range of customised solutions, including for retrofits, using the latest techniques and high-quality materials.

Underfloor roller-shutter systems are barely visible, if at all. The profiles roll up on the pool floor or in a duct. The roller-shutter motors that were specially developed for this application are extremely efficient and so guarantee fast opening and closing. Innovative products, like the integrated direct drive in the winding shaft, enable us to provide solutions that are both economical and technically sophisticated. In addition to these variants, pool-side covers and a variety of special solutions can be developed.