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We are experts in the field of water treatment and therefore a reliable partner for you in the pool technology sector. BWT plans and designs water treatment processes and develops innovative pool technology to provide outstanding hygienic water quality.

Each project is carefully designed in our Centres of Excellence. We are constantly researching new technologies, optimising our processes and improving our products to achieve swimming pool water perfection.

Our entire range meets the high quality standards required by Austrian bathing hygiene regulations and complies with the relevant standards. Bathing water treatment for hotels, communal facilities, thermal spas and health clubs of all sizes is at the core of our portfolio. We can also offer specific individual solutions, such as raw or thermal water treatments or treatments for ornamental fountains and ponds.

As a full service provider, BWT not only supplies a range of top-end water treatment technologies, but also high quality swimming pools, including special features, accessories and a comprehensive package of care products. Of particular note are the central switching and control technology, with touch-panel operation, and the optimisation of energy consumption using special “BWT Energy Solutions”. These features offer customers the highest possible level of service that will prove to be a valuable investment.


Reliability and many years of technological expertise make BWT your ideal partner for managing major large-scale projects