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BWT Energy Solutions

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Rising energy costs and ecological awareness require new solutions and a revision of existing structures, especially in pool technology.
BWT, as your strategic partner, has made a commitment to addressing this issue with its "Energy Solutions" division, which offers a range of customised solutions and innovative concepts and products to ensure that the technology for your entire building, not just the swimming pool, operates efficiently.



Energy Solutions can tackle any area that can improve operational sustainability, whether in terms of energy optimisation, energy recovery, renovation/upgrading of the treatment plant or intelligent control systems. Any measures are, of course, planned and implemented in compliance with legal and statutory regulations.




Minimum effort, maximum results

Significant improvements can be made with minimal effort. The savings achieved can therefore finance any investment required and contribute to increasing the value of the investment.


Modernise your swimming pool at no risk, and benefit from sustained improvement in all areas of pool technology and the pool technology connected to existing systems.


BWT Energy Solutions – projects

Our engineers detect and analyse potential energy savings as well as energy sources. The relevant measures are then developed to achieve operational efficiency and a reduction in operating costs. It is a service that helps you save money. Concepts can be developed and implemented for new and existing installations, as well as those that are due for an upgrade. All the measures taken are thoroughly checked against cost-benefit calculations and assessed in terms of their effectiveness.


The entire project schedule is developed in partnership with you

Your project will progress in various stages, from initial consultation through to aftercare. Timelines and a project schedule will be developed and agreed with you.



A designated BWT contact will be available to you for the duration of the project for all the areas of the activity, from process engineering to electrical engineering. The outcome is a modern, efficient and, crucially, cost-effective treatment system.