Treatment of seawater - BWT Best Water Technology 
Potable water extraction through
efficient seawater desalination from BWT

Treatment of seawater

The decade-long, worldwide growth of tourism in increasingly

exclusive locations of the world presents a growing challenge to the supply of potable water to international hotels in areas with limited or no available ground or surface water.


For decades, BWT has been delivering a range of technologies (see below) for extracting the best quality drinking water from highly effective seawater desalination, thereby laying a solid foundation for tourism infrastructures.


Reverse osmosis

UV filtration systems


BWT was the first company to create reverse osmosis systems with integrated energy recovery with an efficiency rate of over 95%, enabling the energy requirement to be reduced to approximately 3-4 kWh/m³ instead of the average 6-7 kWh/m³ achieved by traditional systems.


The benefits to hoteliers?

  • Best quality potable water

  • Sustainable use of water resources

  • Fewer plastic bottles, contributing to environmental protection through reduced CO2 emissions.