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We take hygiene very seriously
We take hygiene very seriously

Water care & accessories

More carefree fun in your pool

Maximum water safety and hygiene are basic conditions for hours of bathing enjoyment and relaxation in your pool, and you will be fully equipped for this with BWT’s care and cleaning products. As Europe’s leading water technology company, not only can we supply you with the correct care products and our innovative technology, but our service team will also be ready to assist you at any time with your queries or problems.


Trust the BWT water experts when it comes to pool hygiene and safe swimming. 

BWT’s extensive range of pool maintenance products can provide a care programme for any applications. The key water quality indicator is the pH value. If this is not in the optimum range, the disinfection agent will not work efficiently, calcium deposits will build up, eyes will be irritated and the skin will feel itchy.


The pH value rises naturally when the pool water is heated and must be lowered to keep within the optimum range of 7.0-7.4. You can do this by manually adding BWT BENAMIN pH Minus in granular form. In automatic disinfection systems, the pH reducer is added to the swimming pool water in liquid form to keep the pH value within the ideal range. In some rare cases, a pH increaser (BWT BENAMIN pH Plus) may be required.

Chlorine is the most commonly used disinfectant agent. The chlorine products in the BENAMIN range are available in granular, tablet or liquid form.


BWT Benamin swimming


BWT BENAMIN Ultra Clear is one of our particularly innovative products, offering total swimming pool care with rapid disinfection, long-term disinfection, algae prevention and flocculation. It is also self-dosing and safe. The dose can be simply placed in the skimmer without a lid and without any need for contact with the tablet.


Alternative forms of disinfection, based on active oxygen and water additives for specific water types, such as calcium stabilisers, flocculants and algae prevention agents, are all part of the comprehensive BENAMIN product portfolio, together with swimming pool cleaning agents and products for overwintering.


BWT care and cleaning products include:

  • Water disinfection

  • Purification

  • pH value regulation

  • Water disinfection with chlorine

  • Water disinfection with bromide*

  • Water hardness stabilisation

  • Algae prevention

  • Flocculation

  • Overwintering

  • Hygiene and disinfection

  • BWT pool floor cleaner / cleaning robots


* Bromide, which is similar to chlorine, is a halogen, and ideal as a water disinfectant. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, and uses oxidisation to remove organic contaminants.