Ozone systems - BWT Best Water Technology 

Ozone systems

This vital component of water treatment is currently the best method for disinfecting swimming pool water. Optimally-treated BWT pool water results in the highest standards of hygiene safety.


BWT Bewazon

The BWT Bewazon ozone system uses highly effective ozone to oxidise the water, which kills particularly resistant viruses and bacteria and reduces the level of extraneous substances in the water. The ozone is produced in the Bewazon ozone system and, once introduced into the bathing water system, acts immediately. Any available residual ozone is eliminated before the water is pumped back into the pool.


BWT Ozone systems

Advantages of BWT Bewazon:

  • Reduction of disinfection agents and disinfection by-products 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Safe

  • Economical

  • Automated operation

  • Easy to use 

  • Compact

  • No irritation to skin or mucous membranes

  • No odour in the indoor pool area