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Filtration technology

BWT’s swimming pool filtration systems have been used in the largest and most famous pool and spa facilities inside and outside Austria for decades. We have transferred our large system sector expertise to the needs of private pools.


The result is innovative technology that meets the most demanding, professional standards of hygiene. Only the perfect interaction of all the system components can guarantee operational safety and long-term, reliable service.


BWT is a one-stop-shop solution


BWT Premium compact


BWT’s top dog among filters, this new compact filter system in a high-layer filtration tank, not only delivers high-performance filtering with an integrated coarse, support and fine filter layer, but the extremely quiet circulation pump also guarantees virtually noiseless operation of the entire system. This system also contains a heat exchanger that heats the pool water to the required temperature, while automatically controlling the washing and ‘backwashing’ that cleans the filters.


Filtration technology


The cleaning of coarse particles takes place inside the filter, where any contaminants deposited in the special filter gravel are filtered out. The filtered water is then pumped back into the pool.


During the regular filter cleaning operation, or ‘backwashing‘, water is pumped in the opposite direction, from bottom to top, and the particles that rise to the top are then transferred to the duct along with the backwash water. Up to six operations can be carried out manually or automatically with the motor attachment via the multi-way switch valve.


Our filtration systems comply with the recognised recommendations of the ÖVS (Austrian Association for the Swimming Pool and Sauna Industry).