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Disinfection technology

Measure, regulate, dose

An essential part of pool water treatment is regulating the pH value and disinfection of the water through the addition of swimming pool care products and/or by pumping the water over disinfection appliances.


BWT Bermuda MSR

BWT Bermuda MSR is one such microprocessor-controlled measuring, regulating and dosing system. The system simultaneously, and continuously, measures both the pH value and the disinfection agent content of the water. Based on the values measured, the relevant regulating chemicals are then automatically added by hose pumps. With precise monitoring, the chlorine in the water can be maintained at a constant level, which minimises the need for maintenance and reduces the use of dosing agents.


Disinfection technology

Disinfection is used to quickly kill any harmful pathogens and bacteria, protecting bathers against the risk of infection and also inhibiting the formation of deposits and water cloudiness. Swimming water can also be treated further with flocculation, algae prevention and stabilisation agents.