Bath-water technology - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT’s superior water treatment

Do you set yourself the highest health, safety and hygiene standards? If so, don‘t leave the complex issue of water treatment to chance. BWT has the perfect solution. Our superior water treatment guarantees the highest technological standards in each of the three main stages:


  • Filtration

  • Disinfection

  • Oxidation


The individual system components are controlled via a modern, central switching unit. Extremely user-friendly, it can be remotely controlled via a smartphone or the Internet for maximum bathing and operational convenience – and complete safety.


Pool water heating and dehumidification


Use our expertise to improve your wellbeing


Pool water heating:

We connect plate, shell and tube, and also electric heat exchangers to the main heating system to ensure that the pool water is quickly and constantly heated. Both products are available with integrated heating pumps and zone valves and are fully plumbed, ready for connection.



Humidity increases in indoor pools when water evaporates from the pool surface. Dehumidifiers can be used to combat it, resulting in a dramatic reduction in energy costs. BWT’s dehumidification systems are available as floor-standing models (dehumidification units) or wall-mounted units, in which only the slots are visible. We recommend you use a swimming pool cover to keep the amount of evaporation to a minimum.