Systems for stainless steel pools - BWT Best Water Technology 

Systems for stainless steel pools

BWT stainless steel pools can be manufactured with an overflow channel or skimmer, and in any shape and size.


  • Pool with overflow channel

    An overflow channel lends the stainless steel pool a look of elegance as the water surface is level with the pool surround. The overflow channel is normally covered by plastic grating and here, too, BWT can offer a range of stylish design solutions in different colours and in materials with a metallic effect. Special solutions for specific visual requirements, such as stone, wood or stainless steel channel covers, can also be implemented as a single- or multi-sided deeper drawn channel to achieve an ‘infinity’ effect particularly on slopes.


  • Pool with skimmer

    A design variant is the ‘skimmer’, whereby one or several surface skimmers discharge the pool water to the filtration system. The number of skimmers used depends on the size of the pool. A feature of the BWT design is the use of special skimmers, which achieve a particularly high water level. The water flows in from nozzles built into the opposite wall.