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Stainless steel pools on roof gardens

Who doesn’t dream of a ‘wellness’ oasis with a pool, where you can relax and escape the hectic pace of everyday life? This dream can now come true, even if your home has no garden. A strong trend has emerged in recent years for creating roof gardens and terraces, particularly in cities, which are used increasingly as additional living and wellbeing spaces. So residents can relax in their own oases of calm, often with stunning views.


BWT can draw on its many years of expertise to help you build a pool in your roof garden or roof terrace, either in a new-build complex or as an extension to an existing building, and to organise and implement this high-quality and technically demanding venture. We can use combined solutions to ensure the best possible integration of your personal ‘wellness’ oasis in the roof garden architecture with, for example, free-standing pools and built-in equipment room.