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Stainless steel pools

Contemporary and timelessly elegant: the purist model for trendsetters.


Exclusive look

With its cool, understated elegance and an extraordinary look, stainless steel is one of the finest construction materials. As a trend material, stainless steel has progressed in swimming pool construction in recent years to become a ‘must have’ for modern, streamlined solutions. So you can enjoy a prestigious focal point in your garden every day.


Resilient material

Stainless steel, with its unsurpassed features, offers compelling benefits. The high alloy steel is resistant to frost, heat and UV light. The smooth surfaces are ideal in terms of hygiene and require very little cleaning. A clean and safe option.


Standardised and tailor-made solutions

Standardised, single pool elements can be prefabricated in the factory, which results in extremely quick and efficient assembly on site or, alternatively, stainless steel pools can be custom-made to any shape and size. Stainless steel is the perfect material to use for individual solutions and special requirements, helping to create the pool of your dreams.


Features of stainless steel pools:


Pool-systems  Installation diagram 
Pool access  Stainless steel pools on roof gardens