Plastic pools - BWT Best Water Technology 

Plastic pools

If you are looking for a streamlined, purist solution with clean lines and stylish colours, then BWT plastic pools are right up your street.


Robust, safe material

BWT plastic pools are fully insulated, one-piece pools, made from high-quality epoxy-acrylate. The pools are constructed in a composite process, which makes them extremely stable and highly resistant to swimming pool chemicals. The life of this pool is also prolonged owing to its extremely good resistance to the weather, heat and frost. A pool you can be sure to enjoy for a very long time.


Short construction time

The pools are assembled in the factory and delivered in one piece. All the features, such as steps, jet streams, massage systems and lighting, etc. are integrated during production. Very little building work is therefore required on site, reducing installation time to just a few hours.


Diverse and rich variety of designs

BWT plastic pools offer a wide range of different sizes, elegant step entry and features available in grey granicite, black, white and papyrus. All BWT plastic pools are manufactured with a roller-shutter safety edge on the long sides, standing steps, and an integrated steel frame as standard. The steps also have non-slip surfaces. You can also use stone for the steps to make the pool even more exclusive and to make the transition from outside into the pool even smoother.