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Prefabricated pools

Individual and diverse: that’s how beautiful your home can be

You will very quickly enjoy splashing around in the refreshing water of your own pool when you order a prefabricated pool from BWT. Use our extensive product portfolio and wide selection of features to design the pool of your dreams.


First, decide on the shape and size of your pool

You can choose from a range of elegant details, such as access features, seating areas and massage jets to turn your pool into your own personal ‘wellness’ oasis. You can select matching borders to achieve the perfect look that will integrate your pool seamlessly into the surroundings. You can also implement atmospheric lighting designs to create just the right ambience in your pool area.


BWT prefabricated pools have high levels of prefabrication

These allow you to plan a seamless and efficient installation, to minimise the interaction between the various installers, and keep a close eye on your budget. This guarantees that the pool will be extremely watertight, durable and has a long service life.


All the elements of BWT’s prefabricated swimming pool can be perfectly dovetailed to achieve the highest standards of quality and guarantee that you enjoy many years of fun and relaxation in your new BWT pool.


Design variants:


Plastic pools  PVC-pools 
Plastic-pools  PVC-pools