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Integrated whirlpools

Warm, comforting and wonderfully relaxing – the perfect addition to your wellness area.


Compact and stylish

Whether after a sauna, some training sessions in the swimming pool or simply after a busy working day – a relaxing massage in warm 38° C water is always good. BWT’s integrated whirlpools are the ‘icing on the cake’. With their compact size, atmospheric lighting and attractive, bubbling water, they are the ‘jewel in the crown’ in any ‘wellness’ area, enabling you to make your spa oasis really special.


Healthy and relaxing

A whirlpool gives you a source of healing in your own home and you can use the beneficial effects of the water via hydromassage to invigorate your senses and relax your body. The powerful jets of warm water stimulate your blood circulation, boosting the supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to your muscles. A whirlpool bath not only provides relaxation, but can also help relieve back pain, high blood pressure, arthritis and even Diabetes II. So you can pamper yourself from head to toe by simply pressing a button.


Modern equipment and soothing lighting

Integrated whirlpools are also available with a wide range of materials (fibreglass, plastic, concrete or stainless steel) and circulation systems (skimmer or overflow channel). You can combine any number of wellness features, including air-water massage jets, air loungers or pool floor jets for foot massage. Create your relaxation and massage spa to suit your needs. Don’t forget the sophisticated lighting solutions to enhance the look and feel of your whirlpool. Make sure you take your relaxation really seriously.


BWT Integrated whirlpool