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Exclusive pool solutions that meet the highest standards of hygiene

BWT provides exclusive indoor and outdoor pool facilities for those customers with the most demanding standards of hygiene. Uncompromising hygiene quality for bathers, imagination with good design during implementation and reliable service are all essential success factors in the installation and operation of BWT private pools.

We guarantee top quality materials and an extensive range of products. Numerous design details and luxury accessories, such as lighting, wellness, fitness and style features, will turn your pool into a visually exciting spectacle. A particular feature is BWT’s central switching and control technology with touch-panel controls, guaranteeing that the entire system will be easy to operate and manage.

Our technological leadership in water treatment means that we can deliver the very best treatment for swimming pools and ensure that bathers enjoy hygienically safe water.


With decades of experience in all areas of water treatment, particularly pool construction, BWT can be relied upon as your project partner.